Manage all your customer queries and feedback with one tool
  • Integrate customer support software like Zendesk or Freshdesk with Flock and receive tickets and reviews within the app. No more switching tabs!
  • Resolve customer queries quickly by collaborating with product experts in a single channel.
  • Working across shifts? Share important updates in a channel and pin messages, so the next executive is up to speed with what’s happened.
Manage all your customer queries
Manage all your customer queries
Stay up to date on product features
  • Create a channel with your product team and get updates on product changes as soon as they happen. Share documents via the Google Drive integration from within the app.
  • Collaborate with your product folks on answers for expected customer queries and share with your entire team via Notes.
  • Get on a quick in-app video call with the experts for features that need some explaining.
Stay up to date
Stay up to date
Manage support tickets efficiently
  • List your support tickets as tasks in Jira? Don’t waste time switching between tools, integrate Jira with Flock to receive notifications in the app.
  • What gets tracked gets done. List your support tickets as tasks with the Shared To-Dos tool and track progress from within Flock.
  • Don’t wait for replies to emails regarding high-priority queries and bugs. Get faster responses via instant messaging in Flock.
Automate your workflows images
Get everyone onboard to build a better product
  • Huddle up every week to discuss product bugs and customer feedback. Invite your team via the Google Calendar integration in Flock.
  • Share feature requests and feedback from your customers with your product team in channels. Create a Flock note to keep track of all the requests and share them with the team.
Get everyone onboard

We resolve customer issues immediately via Flock. It really is an efficient tool that makes our daily activities fast and simple

Mabiya Khan, Support Head, Drivezy

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