"My co-workers are spread out around the country, and Flock allows us to feel like we're together on a daily basis!"

Katie Dalby
Learning Specialist

"We love the way Flock integrates with Google Calendar & Drive so that we don't have to run multiple calendars and document storages!"

Erica Hawkinson
Marketing and Operations Director

"With Flock our international group is now able to communicate in an organized and effective manner with members in four different countries."

Mike Price

"We use Flock to run our two restaurants in Paris. It has made our life so much easier"

Nicolas Alary

"Flock is quick, easy on the eyes and everything from sharing files to managing weekly to-dos is a total breeze."

Shekhar Kapoor
DGM Sales

"We do everything from project tracking to communication on Flock. We no longer need to use Asana."

Cristi Jayo

"Flock lets us control our company data, and create checks and balances while fostering communication."

Sujayath Ali
CEO & Co-Founder

"Flock is convenient and real time and is making communication seamless and easy."

Prashant Tandon
CEO & Co-Founder

"We believe in the power of communication and quick response and Flock is helping us strengthen that."

Abhishek Mahajan

Flock has empowered the remarkable women of our global creative agency startup, called the Female Voice, to connect and collaborate in real-time from Brazil to Singapore, India to USA - it's our communication channel of choice!.

Jodie Lightfoot
The Female Voice

I like that we can communicate in both channels and individual chats. The layout of Flock looks clean and comfortable. Also, it's great that we can pin important messages and quote a specific message to reply to.

Francis Joy
Cerebron Technolabs

Flock has streamlined our communication office-wide, decreased wasted movement around the shop, compiled multiple app needs into one place, thereby increasing productivity.

Aleyna Baggott

Flock has been great since we use it to communicate about bugs and quick fixes on our software. It's really, really intuitive, and that's all it matters. We live in a world where things need to be fixed, so when something solves a problem and it is also simple, it deserves all the love. Congrats guys. From VELOSO I/O, Brasil

Robert Veloso

Flock has changed the way our team works. It has increased productivity and allows us to communicate much faster. Paired with Zapier and our CRM software, we catch things faster and are able to get work done that may have been falling through the cracks.

Jack West
West Computers

Flock has really transformed how our team communicates. It has increased productivity, transparency, collaboration and is helping us make decisions much, much faster!

Rajesh Gar

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