Make sure everyone's voice is heard.

Make important decisions, faster


Flock polls can be created in any channel—simply open the polls function, type in your question and as many options as you like, and let your team vote. You can create and vote for polls from your mobile phone on the go!

Allow your teammates to select multiple options for each question or restrict their response to one. You can even set an expiration date for your poll. Share the poll across channels — it syncs automatically across channels!

  • Customize your polls

    Add images for visual options like logos and product designs. Set your poll to anonymous for more sensitive polls.

  • Do more with your results

    Download a single consolidated report (in a neat table format) once all the responses are in. You can see the number of people who’ve voted for an option, and who voted for what. Even team members who haven't voted can see the poll and its results.

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