Voice Notes

Flock's newest feature is now available on mobile for Android and iOS.

Speak your mind, share your thoughts, and express yourself with Flock

Flock is making business messaging more human. Mobile users can now send personalized voice notes instead of having to text long messages. Use Voice Notes to clarify a point, emphasize feedback, or add context to a conversation—because sometimes saying it makes more sense than texting it.

Go ahead, give it a try.
  • icon-voice-memos

    Convey all the important details

    Express ideas, address concerns, and share explicit feedback. From now on, say exactly what you mean in your own words—so nothing gets lost in translation.

  • icon-record

    Record memos and reminders

    No more scribbling notes or jotting down to-dos. Speak into the mic and take stock of what's important. We should warn you—it may boost your productivity!

Start Using Voice Notes Today

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