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"By using Flock, we can better control our company data and create checks and balances, while fostering instant communication. I would definitely recommend Flock to other startups and companies as an essential communication tool. "

- Sujayath Ali, CEO and co-founder

Leaders in the unbranded fashion segment for women, Voonik is one of the most successful online fashion marketplaces. True to it’s tagline, ‘Everyday fashion’, Voonik offers a plethora of options in every fashion category for the Indian, urban market.

The company has grown exponentially over the past couple of years. And somewhere along the line, with teams spread across locations, ensuring seamless communication became a challenge.

The company primarily relied on email, which is an asynchronous tool. Like many other businesses, Voonik tried tools like WhatsApp, and realised that they were not apt for professional communication. The primary concern was that with these tools, time-sensitive issues would either slip through the cracks or face delays, ultimately leading to a poor customer experience.

To close this communication gap, the company began to look for a messaging tool that would bring its teams together. From the very beginning, Flock seemed to be the perfect fit.

With Flock, teams across Voonik can easily collaborate in real time, leading to increased transparency. Voonik’s marketing and customer support teams are now able to communicate with each other seamlessly and share updates on targets, customer feedback and issues, right within Flock.

Moreover, as teams can flag customer queries that need attention instantly on Flock, they can easily resolve these matters as well. This real-time resolution of queries has made it easier for the customer servicing team to respond instantly to customer queries and share updates with them.

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Voonik’s IT and Dev Ops are power users of Flock’s apps and integrations. Developers at Voonik have integrated Jira within Flock so that they can organise their tickets, receive reminders on tasks, and pick up work on priority. The IT team has integrated monitoring tools including Nagios, Pingdom and New Relic to create a single dashboard for all work-related tasks.

Besides these external app integrations, Voonik has benefitted immensely from Flock’s native business apps, which other messaging tools don’t offer. Most teams at Voonik, including marketing, sales and customer servicing, swear by Flock’s Shared To-dos app to organise and prioritise tasks. Another popular one is the My Favourites app that teams use to bookmark important information. Voonik employees also use the Mailcast app extensively to send weekly analysis and status reports to their teams, in an easy and secure fashion.

"Flock's productivity tools help us organise tasks and targets efficiently. This would not have been possible with WhatsApp. So, we adopted Flock as no other tool could give us such an efficient and professional set up."

- Oindrila Dasgupta, Head - Customer Retention Team

One of Voonik’s busiest events was the ‘Buy one get one - Big Sale’, where they realised the true benefit of Flock. During this four-day long event, teams had to be on their toes around the clock and could not afford to miss targets and deadlines. Flock proved to be their communication ally and provided instant updates, on the fly. Teams across locations were seamlessly collaborating on Flock to monitor targets, get reports, and deal with time-sensitive issues. They did this by creating different channels for different targets, and by connecting through video conferencing and screen sharing. Ultimately, the sale was a big success and took the fashion world by storm.

Today, Flock is Voonik’s primary communication partner and has created a strong foundation for the company to continue to grow.

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