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"Flock is the messaging system of the era because it has demolished the time difference for our onshore and offshore teams with real time chat...Flock has become an integral part of our team and enhanced team bonding within Syscon."

- Bharath Patinane, CTO

Syscon ERM Services Pvt. Ltd. is an outsourced product development and technology services company, that specializes in building cutting edge web based products. The company’s main branch is in California, USA, and it also has offices in Kolkata and Hyderabad. With a workforce of over 2000 people, Syscon prides itself as specialists in software development, mobile application development, system administration and digital marketing.

Syscon’s excellent track record in terms of product development and consultation services has seen the company achieve a massive expansion in their client base across the USA and India. The company has also increased the size of its workforce considerably to cater to the demands of its clients. With large teams spread across major cities in two different countries, the company was in desperate need of an effective communication strategy. Email had become unreliable and video conferencing tools which the company used were clunky and needed to be installed across the board for employees to communicate. These tools also proved to be lacking in features apart from their core functionality. Over time, Syscon decided to phase these out and switch to Flock.

The team was struggling with attachments and documents sent through emails when they were on the go. Their previous video conferencing system did not allow files to be sent if a person was offline on the system - an irritant that Syscon’s workforce was struggling to deal with. Email had also proved to be an inefficient file management system for files that were being shared with channels of people. However, since switching to Flock, Syscon has found it incredibly easy to manage not only the sharing of files in channels, but also collaboratively working on these files, even when on the move. Flock systematically archives files sent in channel chats, so the company’s workforce always has its data in place.

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With Flock, Syscon experienced an almost immediate improvement in team productivity and speed. Flock has enabled Syscon’s teams to conduct instant meetings, take prompt decisions and execute catalyzed actions. Teams across geographies were able to collaborate on projects and execute them with increased speed, efficiency and precision. Flock’s powerful channel chat and video conferencing capabilities made collaboration swift and transparent. Flock’s cross platform availability has also became a massive boon to the company.

And the story doesn’t end with just Syscon’s workforce. The company’s management is also benefiting from Flock’s versatility and power. Because of the diversity in products and services provided by the company, management needs to assign and track multiple tasks for a large number of employees. Flock has made this much easier for them with features such as to-do’s and reminders allowing them to assign project tasks and make sure that important deadlines are not missed.

"Flock has provided us with an open platform for putting up innovative ideas and discussions. It has contributed significantly to the growth of the company."

- Satish Kumar Nalgonda, Executive Managing Director

Going forward, the company intends to expand its presence within India, opening branches across Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai in the next six months to a year. In the words of CTO, Bharath Patinane, "To attune ourselves with the current IT sector scenario, we also need to acquire maximum pace in our operations, and an efficient communication system is a necessity for us to attain the required speed. So, Flock has become the perfect communication partner in helping us accomplish our goals."