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Simplifying communication for distributed teams

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HEADQUARTERS Bangalore, India
INDUSTRY Digital Marketing Agency
Teams on Flock Web Design, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing and Content

"Flock is a perfect fit for our virtual, distributed team."

- Sean Fernandes, Head of International Business

Scion Social is a new-age digital marketing agency with a distributed team and global clients. The agency seeks to amplify its clients’ marketing efforts through strategic digital marketing, high-converting websites, and targeted ad campaigns.

The team believes in leading a project from start to finish, and does this through a group of digital experts working on web development, content creation, graphic design, and management. To bring everything and everyone together, Scion Social needs an efficient system for internal and external communication. For this, they’ve chosen Flock.

Phone calls and emails worked, until they didn’t

Scion Social previously used phone and email for communication, both internally and externally with clients. It worked fine, until the team started receiving repeated calls and mails for updates on projects from clients.

"They used to keep calling again, again and again, in the middle of meetings and discussions."

- Harish Ramakrishnan, Project and Performance Manager

Plus, the agency would waste almost an entire day in responding to client requests via email as its clients were located across the globe. It was then that Scion Social decided to move to Flock.

Today, all of the agency’s groups - web, content, design, and management - discuss ideas, share to-dos and notes, and track projects via Flock. They’ve also set up dedicated channels for clients with the relevant internal groups, so project updates can be shared in real-time. Clients now receive notifications for every change and update, putting an end to the never-ending queue of phone calls, and giving the team more time to do great work.

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One platform to keep everyone in sync

For folks working on time-sensitive projects from across cities, keeping each other on the same page involved multiple apps and services, and phone calls. But with Flock, everyone at Scion Social now has a single destination for all work communication. Team members share tasks and notes directly in Flock, discuss ideas for ad campaigns, and use Flock’s video conference facility to communicate faster. And the sleek user interface doesn’t hurt either.

"I like Flock’s user interface. It’s cool, modern and easy to understand."

- Kurian Cyriac, Graphic Designer

Groups within the agency are also power users of Flock’s deep integrations with other tools and services. For instance, the graphic design group uses Flock’s Trello integration to share updates on design projects, the content group uses the Google Drive integration to share files for various copy projects, and the digital marketing group uses the Facebook Pages integration to track ad campaign performance.

"Everything happens in sync because everyone is on the same page, thanks to Flock. It saves us a lot of our time taken up by meetings."

- Vanditha Nandkumar, Digital Marketing Expert
Transparency, clarity, and collaboration

With Flock, Scion Social has streamlined its communication process to foster transparency and clarity. And they’ve saved hours and days spent communicating and collaborating, both internally and with their clients. In essence, Flock has created a win-win scenario for the agency and its clients.

"Clarity creates an atmosphere where people have conviction to take action and Flock has enabled us to do just that. It keeps people focused on the goal and helps us achieve our core mission."

- Sean Fernandes, Head of International Business

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