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64% Lower Pricing

64% cheaper plans (per user) $4.5 $6-12
Free built-in productivity tools
Polls, Shared To-dos, Mailing list
(Third-party integrations required)
Free Google sign in (OAuth)

Powerful and Smart Channels

Channel avatars
Restricted channels - by designation, location, department, etc.
Auto-join channels - automatically add users matching criteria to channels (new users won't be auto-added)
Multiple one-way announcement channels (only #general)
Control who can add/remove channel members (per channel) (workspace level only)
Disallow leaving a channel
Disallow muting announcement channels
Clone channel (new users won't be auto-added)
Change channels from private to public and vice versa (only public to private)

Built-in Free Shared To-Dos

Built-in shared To-dos app
GUI for managing to-do lists (only slash commands)
My To-dos
Assignee change notifications
Export to CSV (Premium feature in Beta)

Enterprise-ready for Large Organizations

Supports 500k users in a single team (requires Enterprise grid @ $36 per user)
Custom Fields such as department, designation, manager, etc. (only for paid teams)
Order contacts by relevance (same location, department, etc.)
Dedicated panel for Recent Contacts & Recent Channels

Enhanced Admin Controls

Auto-add members based on email domain
Blacklist domains
Restrict file sharing
Restrict team creation
Mandatory custom fields
Parent-child relationships between custom fields
Custom fields - user contributed values
User groups are updated in real-time, based on users' custom field values

Intuitive Mobile App

Active chats view to switch between chats easily
Dedicated one click tabs for active chats, channels, contacts
Dedicated tab for apps
Disable auto-download of images
Optimized for size
  • iOS
  • Android
38.3 MB 22 MB 73.6 MB 37 MB

Better messaging features

Recent, unread chats bubble up to the top
Inline message replies
Add people to a one-on-one chat
Preview chat message
Offline team directory search (Slack search doesn't work offline)
Recent contacts / channels
Re-order pinned chats
Group conversations can have unlimited members (Max 8 people)
Separate section for muted chats
Customize chat view
Choose between cosy, comfortable, and classic for each section - pinned, open, and muted chats

Deep Integration with G-Suite and Office 365

Google Calendar
Browse calendar inside Flock
Accept/ Decline meetings within Flock
Google Drive and OneDrive
Search and browse drive within Flock (New window opens)
Grant read/ edit access without leaving Flock
Connect multiple accounts

Mailing lists for your teams

Auto-create mailing lists for each channel
Manage mailing lists
Manage subscription/unsubscription

Managing your GitHub Tasks

Assign, close or merge pull requests
Browse entire repo from within Flock

Social Listening with Twitter

Forward/ Like/ Retweet/ Reply from within Flock
Follow a particular hashtag
Receive DMs

Powerful Developer Platform

Add sidebar
Add modal windows
Add buttons to chat tab

Pay 64% less for better features

Your business can save $8/month with Flock!
Flock Icon $4.50/month $4.50/mo x 1 user
Slack Icon $12.50/month $12.50/mo x 1 user

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Flock apps are not just for power users

Using apps should be effortless. Flock apps not only provide slash commands for power users, but also a slick GUI interface for those of us who are command-line challenged. So, you can easily click your way through apps on Flock. Or stick to memorizing complex commands on Slack

Go beyond messaging with To-dos, Polls & more

Create and assign tasks, get notified of updates and more with Flock’s built-in Shared To-dos

Conduct live rich polls, with images and anonymous voting

Automated mailing lists for each channel so you can send emails when chat is not the best medium

Smart membership rules for channels

Need a channel for all software devs in the Boston office or one for everyone reporting to Mark? Flock’s Smart Channels allow you to set channel membership rules. Employees meeting the criteria will be auto-added to the channel. Slack teams will have to add channel members one by one

Already using Slack?

Here's how you can move your team to Flock
Security Image
  • Create a team on Flock.
  • Go to the Admin panel and click on Import Team.
  • Download the .zip file from the Slack export page and upload it to Flock.
  • Pick up your team conversations right where you left off!

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Get the app for Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Chrome
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