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Find all your favourite apps in our App Store. Simply plug them into Flock and you'll never need to switch between multiple tools.

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Can't find what you're looking for? Create your own integration with webhooks

Incoming Webhooks

Post messages to a Flock group from another service.

Outgoing Webhooks

Send messages from a Flock group to another service.

App Webhooks

Flock API (In Beta)

Create custom apps and integrate them into Flock to make sure all your information stays in one place.

Poll Screen


Flock allows you to create quick surveys, get everyone's opinions and make important decisions faster.

Todo Screen


Set tasks for yourself and your team with our built in to-do app. Create task lists, get notifications of completed tasks, and easily view completed lists.

Reminder Screen


Set reminders using the “/remind” command and Flock will notify you when it’s time.

Rich note sharing

Rich note sharing

Create, edit and publish notes and share them with your team members. You can use this as your team’s shared scratch pad to jot down points, save important drafts and share ideas.

Code Screen

Code snippet sharing

Download, forward, edit and reuse code within Flock itself. Code snippets shared in Flock can also be formatted according to the syntax set. Sharing code among developer teams has never been easier!