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For Stride

Import your data from Stride to Flock easily with our migration tool. Once that is complete your PRO plan will be activated instantly.


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From HipChat to flock

Here's what teams on the greener side have to say after making the switch

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We switched from HipChat to Flock and our team has really benefited from the gain in overall speed and productivity their application provides. Flock is faster and is much more thoughtfully designed. The flock team was also very helpful during the transition and is highly responsive to any issues or feature requests we may have. - Richard Kirkendall CEO, Namecheap

Join our ex-HipChat/Stride user community!

Heartbroken, sad, disappointed, betrayed - feeling any of these emotions or a mix of them as HipChat/Stride bites the dust? Join our community of ex-HipChat/Stride customers and pay your final respects to our old friend as the “end of life” draws closer.

Also, get a glimpse of what Flock looks and feels like. If you’re happy with what you see, we’d love for you to stay. Don’t worry, we’re in for the long haul.


Trusted by industry experts

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Organizations with small teams seeking a lightweight mobile app that comes with inbuilt task management should consider Flock. It should also be considered by teams seeking a more affordable alternative to Slack and Stride.

Leader, Spring 2018

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