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Easy-to-use email with incredibly powerful features.

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  • Advanced search

    Everything you need at your fingertips

    Search for anything, find everything with our blazing fast advanced search. Flockmail’s advanced search capabilities lets you search by email address, subject line, dates, and keywords across your entire mailbox.

conversation threads screen

Conversation threads

See the whole picture

Flockmail brings you a more organized email experience with conversation threads. All your conversations are woven into a complete story so that you always have full context on everything, in one glance. Chaos, meet structure!

  • snooze emails screen

    Snooze emails

    Focus on what matters now

    Got an email you can’t deal with right now? Snooze lets you temporarily remove an email from your inbox, to come back at a more convenient time when you’re ready to tackle it. An uncluttered inbox makes you less distracted and more productive.

    read receipts screen

    Read receipts

    See who read what and when

    Read Receipts automatically shows when people read your emails, click links, and download attachments. Track your sent emails effectively and respond with perfect timing.

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    Follow up on time, every time

    You’re sending a crucial email — trying to set up a meeting, close a deal, or meet a deadline. Reminders automatically bring back conversations that need following up, so that nothing slips through the cracks.

    Undo send

    No typos, no regrets

    We’ve all sent them before — typos, misspelt names, forgotten attachments. That’s why we’ve built undo send right into Flockmail so you work with higher accuracy and more confidence than ever before.

    • Enriched Profiles
    • Contacts Section

A smarter way to schedule meetings and organize your time.

calender screen
  • Single view

    See your agenda at a glance

    Calendar lets you see what you have going on by day, week and month so you have all your upcoming appointments and meetings in one easy to digest view.

  • Calendar sharing

    Schedule events quickly

    Check your teammate’s availability with calendar sharing and easily block time on their calendars without back and forth emails, in just a few clicks.

    • Integrated Meeting Scheduler

Elevate conversations with integrated, one-click video calling.

  • one click meeting screen
  • One-click meeting links

    Connect with your team from anywhere

    Video integrates perfectly with calendar, so you can add a video link to and join video calls directly from an event invite. Meet face to face no matter where you are.

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  • Integrated video calls

    Supercharge your emails with video

    Flock brings you frictionless video calling, that integrates seamlessly with your mail. Host meetings for up to 50 people at a time, with no time limit. Faster decisions are now just a click away.

    • International Dial-in
    • Video recording
screenshare screen

Screen sharing

Get on the same page, literally

Easily share your screen to show what you’re working on, get feedback and reach a consensus in no time.

All your people, easily searchable, in one place.

contacts screen

Contact management

Access and manage all contacts

With Contacts you can add and edit information like phone numbers, emails, and company details. View and easily search for your teammates, partners, vendors and everyone else you work with. Import information from other mail clients and devices, and easily export your contact list.

Plays nice with any device

Manage your emails whenever you want, not whenever you can. Whether you’re online or offline, easily access it all with native apps for Mac, Windows and Linux. We’ve got you covered even when you’re on the move with our iOS and Android apps.
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Business benefits for partners

Increase your revenue, customer engagement and overall customer experience.

  • Increase attach rates by 2x
  • Increase revenue potential with 15+ upgrade hooks
  • Works with existing mail service or independently
  • Full plan definition control
  • Full pricing control
  • Co-branding

Better together

  • cPanel Integration

  • Provisioning and Management APIs

  • WHMCS Module

See it in action

When you partner with Flock, you will increase attach rates, connect to a new set of opportunities, and grow your business.

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